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I'm John Loveless
Welcome To John Saves Energy!

I figured out how to transform a regular fuel burning house into an effectively solar powered, net-zero home. Now I want to show you how you can do the same. 

There is a vast collection of articles and acquired knowledge here. 
By reading these articles, you will learn how to increase the efficiency, comfort and energy independence of your home, business, appliances and vehicles, all without anyone noticing that something changed.

You will be amazed at how easy and fun it is to make improvements. A word of caution though, this website will probably cause your standard of living, quality of life, happiness, health and well-being to improve. Mine did. I was not expecting that. 

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The greatest investment you can make is in knowledge. Knowledge is power and having your own source of power brings independence, job security, self sufficiency and freedom.  

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With all these electric vehicles charging, will EVs sink the electric Grid

An all-electric RV

Going Off-Grid by 2020? 

Reducing the hot-water energy heating requirements

Adding water Volume Marks in the Tub

Simple 3-step checklist to show everyone that Climate Change is a Hoax.

Are Electric Cars really Zero Emissions?
Check out these fancy looking USB Wall Chargers. They're awesome!

Comparing Nissan Leaf 2010-2012 and 2013-2016 model years. 

The Energy Detected TED -- Find power wasters in the home that you didn't even know about. 

JohnSavesEnergy now offers in home and phone consultations 

Solar Panels In Utah -- They are AWESOME and cut down on air pollution. 
Energy Consultation -- John now gives energy efficiency consultations. 

Natural Remedies -- Updates to using natural remedies to help you feel better. 

Misplaced Megawatt-hours I seem to have misplaced 2.9 Megawatt-hours. Has anyone seen them?

Armagarden 2015 -- Report of the successes and failures of this year's super huge, backyard Mittlieder garden. 
Leaf Spy App -- Superior power/energy monitoring and data logging for your Nissan Leaf. 

Growing your Own Milk -- It's easier than having a dairy cow and the HOA won't care either. 

Revisiting Cooking Appliances in the Kitchen -- Heating up water

Time and Labor Saving Tools -- Making garden harvest go much faster. 

Armagarden 2014 -- First year garden Success and Failure 

Tesla Power Wall -- What it will do, what it won't do. 

What Can You Fit in an EV Hatchback? Hatchback can haul almost anything, electric ones even more so. 

Goodbye Geo EV John, quit living below your privileges. You need to buy yourself a really nice EV. 

EVERY Vehicle Electric What would it take for every vehicle to be electric? Semi-trucks included? 

Reducing L2 Charging Inefficiencies and resistive losses in wiring. 

E=mc² What does it even mean? 
How to Go Totally Off-Grid using only Solar Panels?
Food Preservation. Preserving home-grown food for use later. 

CO2 Meters, (not to be confused with CO or carbon-monoxide meters).

Two Years of Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning

A new tab called Emergency Preparedness has been added. It is a how-to guide on the practical and prudent aspects of being prepared for emergencies without the sensational fear of impending doom and destruction. 

Four Years Living with Solar Panels

Bidet Toilet Seat You never knew luxury until you've tried one.  Plus they will indirectly save you energy and money. Just trust me on this one. 

Adding Regenerative Braking to the Geo EV

John and his Geo EV were in the News again: KSL and the Deseret News both ran stories. 

Energy Tips For New Construction Homes

Reducing Electric Vehicle Inefficiencies During Charging

Well to Wheel Efficiency of Gas and Electric cars

Garden Planning -- Learning about the Mittledier Gardening method.

Plug Share - You receive a lot when you give

A 15,000 watt capable, Home Charging Station for $179?

Actual Costs and ROI of a Ground-Loop Heat pump

Dumb Mistakes in the Geo EV

Geo EV Repairs

How to Consistently get 100+ Miles of Range in a Nissan Leaf

On 7/5/2014, KSL Channel 5 featured John and his nearly net-zero home. 

Attic Air Clothes Dryer

Good Bye Natural Gas

Net Metering Haters

When making efficiency improvements, there are a couple of rules that you should strive to follow:  

Rule#1: Save energy and money without sacrificing convenience and luxury.  

If you make a change in your home to save energy and someone notices, then you are doing it wrong! The aim is to reduce energy use while maintaining your same standard of living, or even improving it. 

All energy improvements should make good business sense too.  

Rule#2. The efficiency improvement must save enough energy overtime to pay for the expense of making the improvement,

There is a caveat to Rule#2:  Efficiency improvements don’t necessarily have to pay off in energy savings alone, as long as they provide some desirable improvement in convenience and luxury that in and of itself justifies making the improvement. 

Click on the Energy Saving Tips tab to get started saving energy in your home and saving you money today. 

Do you want to get solar panels but need an unbiased, expert opinion first? Before you buy, get a solar panel consultation. Again, this is not my day-job but I am happy to offer some unbiased consulting specific to your home and situation. 

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