Last updated Sunday October 29, 2017

Volume Marks for the Bath Tub

We put volume tic marks on our measuring cups, why not put them in the bath tub?

The reasons are 4 fold:  

  1. To bring awareness to how much water we use regularly.  
  2. To know exactly how full you need to fill it (before you get in) for your ideal bath, as opposed to displacing a lot of water and causing 1/3 of your bath to go down the overflow drain. 
  3. To bring awareness to how much energy a bath takes. The energy to heat 1 gallon of hot water is roughly equivalent to the energy to drive 1 mile in an EV. Baths are awesome!  Make the most of it.
  4. To accurately measure your body’s volume, (just for fun). 

In an all-electric home, it is fun to make comparisons between activities that are not related. For example, it takes roughly the same amount of energy to heat up one gallon of water as it does to drive an electric car 1 mile. Therefore my bath the other day was a 30 mile bath. 

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