Last updated Thursday October 16, 2014

PC Sensor Temperature Data Logger

I love the inexpensive, digital temperature probes but really wanted something that can be viewed remotely and allow for automatic data collection and analyzing. I found a company out of China on eBay called PC Sensor that sold a $149 IP based device that could monitor up to 8 temperature probes. 

Using these 8 temperature probes I can monitor the temperature trends and fluctuations of the following parameters:

  • Ground Loop Temperature In
  • Ground Loop Temperature Out
  • Return Air Temperature In
  • Air Temperature Out
  • HWG Temperature In
  • HWG Temperature Out
  • Tap Water Temperature In
  • Passive Water Heater Temp Out

It works great and is very low-power (only draws ½ watt). The only down side is it does not have any internal storage of its own and can only data-log using the included Windows based software tool. Besides these limitations, I have been able to collect really great trending information throughout the year about the ground-loop and domestic water temperatures.   

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