November 25, 2013:  Updated 9/7/2015

Science Unwrapped.  
I was recently invited by a member of the Utah State Legislature to bring the Geo EV to an event at Utah State University in Logan, UT called Science Unwrapped. The main event was a lecture given by Utah Representative Dr. Ed Redd on the air quality in the Cache valley.  The Geo EV would be on display outside.  
My wife and 4 kids wanted to come along too but the Geo only seats 4. Cheryl took the girls with her in the Leaf while my son and I drove in the Geo.  
Our house is 64 miles away and getting to Logan requires driving 48 miles north on I-15 and then east on highway 89 up steep Sardine Canyon.  While I knew the Nissan Leaf would make it no problem, I was concerned that the tiny, (almost microscopic) motor in the Geo EV would have troubles making it up the canyon.  Based on current draw and hill grade, I calculated the Geo could only travel at 25-40 mph up the hill and still stay within its sustained current rating.  
To maximize range and to keep battery drain at a minimum, we kept our speed on the interstate between 58 and 63 mph, while traveling in the right hand lane.  

Going up sardine canyon, the Geo did surprisingly well except toward the top, during the steepest part of the ascent where the controller started overheating.  I pulled onto the shoulder and finished off the hill, only going 30 mph.  Check out our journey here:  
Driving an Electric Geo Metro up Sardine Canyon.
Cheryl made it to Logan with 30 miles to spare.  
The Geo EV arrived with 25% remaining on the SOC (state-of-charge) meter.  
Originally when planning the location of the Geo EV display it was to be placed outside.  I asked hypothetically if we could put it inside the building, thinking it wouldn't be feasible.  I was surprised and pleased to get a reply back stating emphatically, "YES, that would be GREAT!!!"
The Geo driving into the Science Building at Utah State University. 

Setting up by the auditorium, inside the Science building. 

Explaining the inner workings of the Geo EV.  

Electric cars are so safe and non-polluting, you can even drive them inside.  While we didn't get footage of driving into the building, here is how we got back out again.  
Driving Geo EV INSIDE the Science Building
It's not everyday you get to drive a street-legal car inside a university building.  Through the double doors, hang a left before the elevators, down the hall next to the stair well, past the Deans office, turn left past the drinking fountain and park by the entrance of the auditorium.  
The event was a success and hundreds of people were in attendance. 
Electric cars are so versatile, they may even have a future inside schools making sure the kids get to class.  
How to Drive an Electric Car Inside a Building?
What fun.