Friday, May 13, 2011

Scan Gauge II

For vehicles newer than 1996, the superior version of the vacuum gauge is the Scan Gauge II. 

Not only does the Scan Gauge calculate and display dozens of parameters like miles per gallon, gallons per hour, total trip cost, closed loop status and engine temperatures, it can also be programmed with vehicle specific gauges for your particular vehicle.  For example, for a Chevy Venture, it will display horse power, engine torque, air/fuel ratio, transmission temperature and even an obscure parameter called “knock retard”, (how many degrees of ignition time advance must be removed to compensate for low octane fuel, thus preventing engine knocking).  For hybrid vehicles, the Scan Gauge will display "state of charge" and the regenerative charge rate of the battery system. 

Efficient driving habits will save you money at the pump in exchange for a slight increase in commute time. 

For me, slower acceleration and reduced cruising speed adds 3 additional minutes to my 20 mile commute.  In exchange, I only have to pay to fill up for gas tank every 4 weeks instead of every two and a half.  Not a bad compromise in my opinion.

Using my newly acquired ScanGuage II, I am now able to accurately measure instantaneous fuel economy (and at least 3 dozen other engine parameters). Since the late 1980's, every single fuel injected vehicle on the planet has had the ability to monitor its instantaneous fuel economy but almost every automobile manufacturer chooses not to include this "planet saving" feature in their vehicles. Why? I don't know.

If you drive any vehicle, the Scan Gauge will save your money.  It will change your driving habits, saving you money. 

Click here to see some of the amazing fuel efficiency improvements quantified by a Scan Gauge II.