January 2012 Updated October 1, 2012

Kaysville Power Utility Interview
To satisfy my own curiosity, I conducted a phone interview with a head gent from the local power utility.
The topics we discussed: Customer grid-tied solar panels, conventional fuel sources used for local energy production, summer vs. winter electricity demands and vehicle to grid technology. 
The EPA is putting a lot of pressure on power companies to stop using coal without providing an affordable alternative. It’s a huge problem for utilities. 

Kaysville Power Utility uses the following blend of fuel sources: 

 Fuel SourcePercentage Fuel Location Cost for Utility 
 Coal35% Delta and Price, UT 6.5 cents/KWH 
 Hydro-electric16% Colorado River 6 cents /KWH
 Natural Gas50% Nebo plant 8-12 cents/KWH 

No solar power is in the energy budget although various customers (myself included) have substantial solar arrays.  Davis Area Community Data center has 57KW of solar power. 

More Wind power from New Mexico is coming on line in 2012

Kaysville City Power has ~9000 power meters.  

The Summer Average usage is 42MW and the Winter Average is 24MW.  

Data provided by Bruce Rigby --Head of Customer Service at Kaysville Power

Published October 1, 2012

Rocky Mountain Power Utility Interview
I met briefly with a representative of the Rocky Mountain power company. 
Their customer peak power consumption is 3300 MW-Hr
They have 2MW of wind power in Spanish Fork Canyon that runs 37% of the time.  
They have plans for a massive solar installation in Arizona.  When complete, it will be the largest solar installation in the United States.  

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