Published 2011:  Updated 5/2/2016

Morning Moos Powdered Milk

As far as cows milk goes, you just can't beat the taste of whole milk. But what do you do when you run out of milk? Go to the store at 10 pm and inadvertently spend $100 on other stuff you weren't planning on buying? 

For this reason we keep dry milk on hand. But not regular dry milk. Yuck! 
I would rather pour water on my cereal than have to taste regular powered milk. But Morning Moos Milk is unique from regular powered milk in that you don't wish for death after drinking it. When bought in bulk, it only costs $1.85 per gallon. You can mix it to taste like skim milk, 2%, whole milk or even cook it up as a substitute for condensed milk. Morning moos never has that sour smell/taste like regular fresh milk sometimes gets. 

If you are lactose intolerant, chances are, you will be able to drink morning moos without any difficulty. It is much easier to digest too. 

We have even made yogurt from morning moos milk powder, although using actual whole milk makes a much thicker and far superior yogurt. As an experiment, I even made cheese from morning moos powder. Why did that even work? I don't know, but it was tasty. 

I buy Morning Moos by the 25 lb sack (or 50 lb sacks when I can find them) and then pour it into a 6-gallon, air-tight bucket. We keep one of these buckets in the kitchen pantry for easy access and three spares in the food storage room. One of these large buckets lasts us about 7-8 months. In this way we always have milk on hand as backup regular milk for cereal, in recipes and for emergencies. 

We like to make our own gourmet hot cocoa mix using Morning Moos, sugar, cocoa powder and some salt. 

It is also available in #10 cans if you want to try some out. 

We keep a plunger pitcher on hand so we can quickly whip up a batch of Morning Moos milk if we ever run out of regular milk. 

A half cup of morning moos powder will make 2 quarts of milk (enough for 2 days in my household). Mix a cup of hot tap water to the powder to help it dissolve better. After a minute of mixing in the plunger pitcher, fill it up the rest of the way with cold tap water and a few ice cubes. Plunger it a few more times to melt the ice and make it taste just like cold milk from the refrigerator. 

Update 1/7/2013: Morning Moos can no longer be purchased by the 50 lb sack. I don't know why they discontinued it but I'm kind of bummed out about it. I found a similar product that is also a whey-based milk product at the Honeyville Grain store front.  It tastes exactly the same as Morning Moos but for some reason will NOT work for making yogurt. My wife and I tried 3 different times but for some reason the bacteria in the yogurt does not like the Honeyville product one bit. Oh well, yogurt made from real whole milk makes a much thicker, tastier yogurt anyway. 

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