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If you are passionate about something, you will eventually succeed at it. You might also get noticed in the process.  

July 14, 2015, I was featured on FOX13 News 
regarding Kaysville City's decision to temporally ban net-metering for new solar PV customers. Later the ABC4 news also featured the story. 

You can watch the news broadcasts here. 

On December 2, 2014, The Deseret News ran a story about my Geo EV a few days later on December 7, 2014 KSL picked it up too.

On 7/5/2014, KSL Channel 5 featured John and his nearly net-zero home.  

Here's a video link recorded from the live broadcast. 

On 12/31/2013, John was on KUER radio (an NPR station) to discuss Geothermal heat pumps.  

On 8/7/2013, John and his wife Cheryl drove their EVs (she in her Nissan Leaf and John in his Geo EV) to the Utah State Capitol building. Cheryl along with a couple members of the Legislature, and clean air advocates gave speeches on why we need to make clean air a priority.  Several local news outlets covered the event.  KSL, Fox13, Deseret News and KCPW radio.  

On 4/5/2013, John was a guest on The Living Tree Company's radio show again to discuss Geothermal Heat-pumps.  Have a listen here.  

03/08/2013 John was invited back to The Living Tree Company's radio show. Have a listen.  

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