Published Sunday March 3, 2013:  Updated January 3, 2015

Our Geothermal Ground Loop Installation

-Heat Pump

On the same day that the Palace Geothermal crew was finishing up their work outside, a second crew from Utah Geothermal removed our old furnace, air conditioner and installed the new geothermal heat pump.  

Our house no longer needs this 5 ton, 13 SEER, air conditioning unit.  

Our house no longer needs this 135000 BTU, 80% efficient, natural gas furnace either. 

Or this 55% efficient 40,000 BTU gas water heater (it will be replaced with an electric one, supplemented by the heat pump).  

ClimateMaster Tranquility 30 geothermal heat pump: COP 4.8, SEER 29 

It replaces both the original furnace and the air conditioner.  It also supplements domestic water heating needs.  It ties directly into the existing forced air ducts of our house.  In this manner it is able to provide heat, air conditioning and ventilation.  

 Tranquility 30  TE038  BTU  Cooling EER  Power  Draw  BTU  Heating  COP  Power  Draw  Fan  watts 
 Stage 1 30400 29.6 ~1500 23200 4.8 ~1700 vent.  44
 Stage 2 39900 20.3 ~2200 29200 4.4 ~2500 high  200

Air flows
 Stage CFM Notes
 Ventilation Only 195 max for vent
 Stage I Heat 1100 max for Stage I
 Stage II Heat 1400 
 Stage I Cool 1100 max for Stage I
 Stage II Cool 1500 max for Stage II

The lower set of black pipes (in the above picture) connect to the ground loops.  The upper set of pipes run to the domestic, electric hot water heater, supplementing its heating ability with up to 18700 BTUs of nearly free energy.  

A New electric hot water heater and geothermal heat pump.  

We replaced the gas water heater as part of our goal to go completely off of natural gas and run everything on 100% solar power.  

A super insulated hot water heater.  This is not a requirement for a geothermal heat pump but is part of an ongoing experiment that I am conducting.  
R-19 fiberglass insulation wrapped around and on top of the tank followed by R-3 of foam insulation.  This keeps the water hot all day and reduces standby losses by 75%.  

Both crews (Palace and Utah Geothermal) did an fantastic job.  I am a very happy customer. 

The exhaust chimney is now completely unused. Don't let your Chimney be lonely this year. Unless of course, you don't believe that inanimate objects have feelings and you want to save money on your energy bills. 

Update:  8/19/2014

We went with the Tranquility 30 heat pump.  While I am now completely envious of the newer Trilogy 45, I am happy that innovation continues to ramp up efficiency and increase the comfort in our homes.  

Click here for the latest information on the latest and greatest equipment. 

Update 1/3/2014: Check out this video tour of our ground-loop heat-pump. 

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