Updated Monday September 7, 2015

Electric Geo Metro Video Collection 

How to Shift Gears in An Electric Car, Clutch-less and Regenerative Brakes

Geo Metro Scrap metal recycling.

I almost didn't post this video because it is not how I want my Geo EV to be remembered. But it is a part of history so I am including it.  Retiring the Geo and selling its parts made it possible for me to buy a used Nissan Leaf. 

Riding in a stranger's Tesla

John Saves Energy on KSL News

An EV driver's first time in a gas car

Driving the Geo EV INSIDE the Science Building

Driving the Kids-Rawhide

Driving an Electric Geo Metro up Sardine Canyon

Freezing Rain on an Electric Vehicle

Parts to Make an Electric Car (Geo EV)

Geo Metro EV 76+ Mile Run

Geo Metro EV Test Run

New Electric Motor:  That Black & Decker and I developed. 

EV Conversion: Time-Lapse (Old Red Geo Metro). Back in 2008, I started converting my first gas car to electric. Sadly, I never completed this project.  I consider it one of my great failures in life.  I avenged my defeat 3 years later when I successfully converted a Toyota Pickup truck to electric power.