Sunday July 22, 2012:  Updated 4/10/2015

Fuel Saving Tips

For those of you who still drive gas burning cars and trucks, this section is full of tips on how to reduce your fuel consumption.  

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By driving more efficiently you pay less in taxes.  It's true!  By not having to buy gasoline/diesel as often, you are not paying taxes that are included with every fuel purchase. 

How to get Amazing Fuel Efficiency

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Remember Rule#1:  Save energy without sacrificing convenience and luxury.  

Having mentioned rule#1, keep in mind that my gas car (a 1992 Honda Accord), while reliable, was approaching the end of its life, and had almost no re-sale value.  Some of these tips you would never do to a newer/nicer car.  

Ways to reduce fuel consumption and increase gas mileage.  

Before I gave up gasoline and started exclusively driving an electric vehicle, I was getting over 50 mpg in my 1992 Honda Accord.  This is a 108% increase in gas mileage above the 24 mpg that this vehicle originally got.  

Measures to reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption:  In the order that I found most effective (the order for vehicle may vary).  

  • Inflate tires close to or at max sidewall pressure (44 psi).

  • Drive like there is an egg between your foot and the pedal.  
  • Anticipate stops.  Coast more, brake less.  
  • Install a tool like the ScanGauge II or vacuum gauge.  
  • Slow down and drive the speed limit (highway commuting). 
  • Removed extra weight in the trunk. 
  • Lower rolling resistance tires (don't do this unless you need new tires anyway).  
  • LED brake lights, running and cabin lighting.  
  • 0W30 synthetic oil and high-performance air filter.  
  • Lower viscosity, high performance, synthetic transmission fluid.  
  • Replace old ICM, distributor cap, wire-set and spark plugs.  
  • Straiten dinged up heat shields around exhaust pipe (increased aerodynamics). 

More extreme fuel saving measures:  (Only for the adventurous with older cars that have low/no resale value).  

  • Aerodynamic modifications.  Grill block, undercarriage covers, wheel skirts, Kammback, (only for men who are VERY secure with themselves).  
  • Ignition Kill Switch on the fuel injector relay (I am able to coast with the engine off a total of 8 times in my 40 mile commute).
  • A/C condenser, compressor, lines delete (for cooler climates and early morning commutes).  
  • Power steering delete (For lighter cars only).
  • Larger exhaust system 2" diameter (Don't do this unless you need a new exhaust system anyway).
  • Remove rear-view mirrors (aerodynamic drag) and replace with interior ones (Check first, if this is legal in your state).  
  • Cooling fan delete (for flat, urban commutes). 
  • Remove broken accessories (weight reduction) that will never be replaced (trunk trim/upholstery, speakers, window motor, antenna raise/lower motor, glove box, console, hubcaps). 

Additional vehicle modifications:  I have yet to personally try any of these ICE (internal combustion engine) mods.  

  • Block Heater (300-500 watt) on a timer (to reduce warm-up time).
  • Use preheated intake air from engine compartment instead of cooler air at wheel well.  
  • Alternator delete and install on-board solar battery charger.  
  • Deep cycle battery (when running w/o alternator).  
  • Replace side/rear glass with plastic (for weight reduction -- Don't do unless you need to replace broken glass anyway).  

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Update 4/10/2015:

Click here for a fabulous link to an easy to follow info-graphic showing 70 things you can do to your car to reduce energy consumption and increase fuel economy.