Published Saturday February 7, 2015:  Updated 2/18/2015

Emergency Preparedness

From The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

DON'T PANIC! But you're going to DIE!!

Why is it when it comes to emergency preparedness, our first thoughts gravitate to sensational doom and civilization-ending scenarios of an apocalyptic nature? 

My 6 year old daughter used to be terrified that the Earth was going to lose it’s gravity and that she would fly off into the vacuum of space. In my defense, I really thought she was asleep in her room and not watching with us, the sci-fi movie Gravity. 

Is she being irrational? Are her fears very real to her? Yes on both accounts. 

While it is good to be prepared for whatever comes our way, statistically, you and your loved ones will not die from a loss of gravity, or an earthquake, or a flood, from Ebola, or a nuclear blast, a gun fight, plane crash, a chemical spill or a large fire. Statistically, you and your loved ones will most likely die from heart disease, cancer, complications brought on by air pollution, obesity, lack of exercise and poor diet. 

Click here for the CDC study behind these numbers. 

 Cause of Death Deaths/yr Unavoidable Preventable 
 1. Heart Disease 596,577 Preventable through diet and exercise
 2. Cancer 576,691 ~275,0001/3 Preventable through diet and exercise, air pollution causes are also preventable.
 3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases 142,943 Quit smoking, reduce air pollution, dust. 
 4. Stroke 128,438 Preventable through diet and exercise. 
 5. Accidents 126,438 ~100,000Reduced through training and caution.
 6. Alzheimer's disease 84,974 Preventable through WofW, diet and exercise. 
 7. Diabetes 78,831 Preventable through diet and exercise. 
 8. Influenza and Pneumonia 58,826 Preventable through flu shot, hygiene, diet, and exercise. 
 9. Kidney diseases 45,591 Preventable through WofW, diet and exercise. 
 10. Suicide 39,518 Reduced through WofW, keeping Law of Chastity, holding FHE.
 Totals 1,869,321 375,000 Cause of death reduced by ~80%

Isn’t it interesting that the leading causes of death can be reduced or even prevented by small and simple means? By diet, exercise, clean living and clean air. May I suggest a practical, prudent solution that can potentially fulfill all of these lifesaving prerequisites. 

While it is true that not all accidents can be avoided, that the cause of some diseases are not yet fully understood and that you can’t cheat death indefinitely; Statistically you can avoid most of the big killers with...

My 80% Invincibility from Death, 
Emergency Preparedness Plan

"An 80% invincibility from Death plan?  How does it work" you ask? Well, you just do the following:
  • Grow a time-efficient backyard garden.

  • Receive exercise and good mental health by tending to it.

  • Remain alive and healthy by eating from it.

  • Get sick less throughout the year by preserving the extra food from your garden and sustain yourself with it.


By these simple means, you will greatly reduce your risk of dying from what will most likely kill you and your loved ones otherwise.

When you tend to a garden, eat from it and preserve food for the off-season, by default, you will then be already prepared for the less likely but more sensational scenarios.

As for my daughter, if the Earth does lose its gravity, at least she’ll be able to anchor herself to the plants growing in our backyard garden.