Monday March 19, 2012:  Updated April 29, 2017

91,569 All-Electric Miles and Counting!

 Our Electric Vehicles Miles Driven (as of 4/29/17)
 1992 Toyota Pickup EV (2011-2012) 12,482 (retired)
 1991 Geo EV (2012-2015) 17,487 (retired)
 2013 Nissan Leaf (Edith) 36,224 (leased new then bought it)
 2012 Nissan Leaf (Raj) 34,217 - 8841 (miles at purchase)
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All our vehicles are 100% electric. Edith and Raj, (both Nissan Leafs). We don't even own a gas container anymore. 

People sometimes ask me, "You drive electric cars? Oh you must be rich." 
To which I reply, "I have a loving spouse and wonderful children so yes, I am very rich indeed. Never mind that you can now buy a used electric car like a Nissan Leaf for under $7,000 USD. 

The garage floor has never been so clean and oil free. The garage now just smells like any other room in the house. In fact with all risks of gasoline combustion and CO poisoning eliminated, it begs the question, why not induct the garage and make it a full fledged addition to the living space in the house? 

Before affordable, commercially available all-electric cars were available, I took matters into my own hands by converting a couple of gas vehicles over to all-electric ones. A pickup truck and a two door hatch back. 

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My first working EV. A 1992 Toyota Pickup Truck that I converted myself. 

A detailed list of specs for my all-electric pickup truck can be found here.

A 1993 Geo Metro that I converted to electric myself. 

A detailed list of specs for my all-electric Geo Metro can be found here.

2008: My first attempt at converting a gas car to all electric. 

New Electric Motor:  That Black & Decker and I developed. 

In December 2011, I drove my electric truck in the Kaysville City Christmas Lights Parade. I didn't realize the participants are supposed to throw candy to the crowd.  Being the energy conscious guy that I am, perhaps I should have thrown CFL bulbs instead.  WAIT, bad idea. 

In October 2011, I drove my electric pickup truck along the steep 12% grade of Lakeview drive up to this beautiful building at the top. This is probably the first time an electric vehicle has been up here. It made the trip nearly a dozen times since. 

In October 2011, I drove my electric pickup truck to Antelope island. It is probably the first time an EV has ever driven to this ancient place. 

In December 2012, I retired the EV Pickup truck for a more practical and energy efficient Geo EV and to make room in the garage for more electric vehicles.

In May 2013, Cheryl moved up in the world from her unreliable gas powered mini-van to an all-electric Nissan Leaf (named Edith). It is the ideal vehicle for a mother of 4 who runs A LOT of errands. 

We officially became a 100% electric, 2-car family. 

In February 2015, John retired his Geo from daily commuting and bought a used Blue 2012 Nissan Leaf (named Raj). What! Friends can listen to Endless Love in the DARK. 

The Geo's parts were sold and proceeds went toward paying off Raj's car loan more quickly. 

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Remember Rule#1:  Save energy without sacrificing convenience and luxury.  

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If you are weird like me, you can do them to you vehicle too!  

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