Wednesday, August 18, 2011

EV Conversion Part 2 – Making it look nice:

After I pulled out all the parts from the internal combustion engine, I took a good look at the truck carcass that remained. It was dirty, rusty and kind of ugly. Since I was making such a large investment in a vehicle that I will be driving for the next 5-10 years, I decided to spend some extra time and make it look nice.

I washed off all the grease, pulled off the bed, sanded down the frame and primed all bare and rusty metal.

After that, I painted the frame a shiny black color. Once that paint had cured, I taped off all the glass and painted the truck with an air sprayer. It took 2 hours to tape everything off and only 15 minutes to spray the paint on.

I’m no expert in auto body paint but the paint job turned out very nice.

It was so easy, (relatively) that I now want to re-paint my 1992 Honda Accord.

They have so many wonderful hues and colors of paint now days. I believe the color of my car is called, “Fading, cracking vomit.” I’m going to re-paint it “Tree Hugger” green.