Last updated Sunday January 5, 2014

Inexpensive Digital Temperature Probes

If you are like me, when taking measurements, you can never have enough data points.

After having Palace Geothermal install our heat-pump, I was left wanting to know more details about the various temperatures inside the heat-pump:

  • Ground Loop Temperature In
  • Ground Loop Temperature Out
  • Tap Water Temperature In
  • Passive Water Heater Temp Out
  • HWG Temperature In
  • HWG Temperature Out

To name a few.  

There were options to purchase a $800 diagnostic unit so I could read these temperatures directly from the heat-pumps internal computer but for me, that was way too much money for a “nice to have” feature.

After a little Internet searching I found retailers that sold tiny, little digital temperature probes. They were $1.39 on eBay. I bought 6 to start with. 

They even came with their own button batteries. I attached the probes to various pipes of which I was interested in knowing temperature. A thick layer of foam insulation over the pipe allows the probe to report an accurate water temperature without being effected by the ambient air temperature.  

Using old hard drive magnets I can stick them on any metal surface with ease.  

They worked so well, I have since bought 6 more.

In addition to the 6 parameters I was already monitoring, I can now view:

  • Return Air Temperature In
  • Air Temperature Out
And 4 temperature parameters related to the DWHR unit:
  • Drain water temperature In
  • Drain water temperature Out
  • Culinary water temperature In
  • Culinary water temperature Out

They only down-side to them is they only display in Celsius (being raised in the good old anti-metric USA, I still struggle thinking in Celsius).  You can't view the temperatures remotely or do any kind of data-logging.  

But they are extremely handy for at a glance seeing what every piece of the pie is doing.

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