Published Sunday March 3, 2013:  Updated Tuesday March 5, 2013

Our Geothermal Ground Loop Installation

-Connecting the Wells

It took about 4 hours to drill each hole.  Because of the low temperatures, there was an extra 2-4 hours of setup and tear-down time each day.  This was necessary in order to prevent all the equipment from freezing as the outside temperatures dipped into the teens each night.  

Each hole 300' deep was completed in about a day.  

After all the holes were drilled and the 300' vertical ground loops were set in place, they trenched between them (about 4-5 feet deep) and coupled the ground loops together using horizontal sections of pipe.  

They drilled into the side of the house foundation (4-5 feet under ground).  This tool is basically a drill press that is bolted horizontally onto the side of the foundation.  It can drill a 1.5" core through 8" of concrete in about 5 minutes.  

The ground loop is fed in through the side of the house 4-5' below grade. 

The two pipes (input and output) were routed into the mechanical room of our house.  

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