Published Monday May 8, 2017: 

To Prove that Climate Change is a Hoax

"John, why are you talking about Climate Change in the Emergency Preparedness section?" 

John: Because ignoring a real problem would be a disaster and will cause an enormous future inconvenience. 
Doing nothing about climate change is a HUGE violation of rule #1, “don’t sacrifice convenience and luxury”. 
Maybe rule #1 needs an addition: 
Save energy without sacrificing convenience and luxury, and DON’T FORFEIT YOUR POSTERITY’S FUTURE FOR ONE MARSHMALLOW RIGHT NOW. 

Instead of trying to pigeon hole climate change as hoax just like Tobacco companies regarded the health effects of smoking in the 1960's, 70's and 1980's, 

A creepy smoking ad from yesteryear

hy not choose to fix climate change now (like we fixed acid rain in the 1980's and solved the ozone depletion problem in the 1990's), instead of waiting until after your home insurance premium is ten times higher and we have to use federal tax dollars to move half our country’s population to higher ground? Or when our continued non-action causes the next species mass extinction event? When millions of health-related deaths are brought on by pollution (which is presently happening)? 
Don’t like government overreach? Why not fix climate change now before the government has to intervene (BIGLY)?

I get that you don’t like being preached to. I’m not singling you or anyone else out. Just as a cigarette smoker doesn’t like hearing how his/her cigarettes are killing him/her. It doesn’t make it any less true. The truth is hard to hear sometimes, especially when we are the ones indirectly causing the harm or when your company is the one profiting from it all.

I don’t judge anyone else, (except for those companies that know they are causing harm and proactively obfuscate that harm).
Speaking for myself, I find that behavior evil and immoral. It offends my conscience to continue down the same path when I know what consequences my actions are causing. Especially when we have the technology and means to prevent them right now without violating rule #1. 

Why has Climate Change gotten so political? Science by itself is not political. It is only when those in politics disagree with scientific findings and enact legislation in opposition to the scientific facts or take drastic measures to silence them does it become political. 

What does a Scientist even do anyway?
Scientists collect data to try to disprove a theory, (the null hypothesis). When they can’t disprove the theory, it is probably the correct one, until a colleague or an independent group comes along to check their math, or provides additional data disproving it. They are continually scrutinizing their own findings and the findings of their colleagues. That’s what an actual scientist does, they find truth and continually scrutinize it to make sure a more accurate understanding isn’t lurking just behind it. 

If climate change was a hoax and the scientist are all in on it, that would probably be the biggest conspiracy of all time. It would be enormously difficult to keep secret across all governments and all the independent science organizations globally. 
You would think that one of them would leak out their big secret, getting very very rich in the process. 

So to those who think Climate change is a hoax, I'm curious. How deep do you think this conspiracy goes? Is it just NASA? All climate scientists or all of science? If NASA knows that climate change is a hoax but is lying about it, then what else are they lying about? 
Did they fake the New Horizons space craft flying past Pluto too? Is the ISS fake? Moon landing? Is the Earth really flat? See where I’m going? If you really think scientists are in on it, how many other things brought to us through science are going to be a lie too too?

Still Think Climate Change is a Hoax? 
Where is the outrage over gravity waves, exoplanets and other other scientific findings for which there is far less evidence? Why do you accept these with such blind faith but not climate change? 

I challenge anyone who thinks climate change is a hoax to prove it wrong. That’s it. Just prove to the scientific community that it is wrong. 
I even made this handy checklist for you. It's only three steps. 

How to Prove Climate Change is a Hoax: 
  1. Collect the data showing that the world is not warming and that humans are incapable of impacting the planet. 
  2. Prove that CO2 levels in the atmosphere haven’t risen drastically since the industrial revolution.
  3. Have that data survive the rigorous scientific process of peer review, like every other major scientific discovery has done. 

Fantastic claims require fantastic evidence backing them up, but i
f you can show this to be true, I guarantee you will win the Nobel Peace prize and be rich beyond your wildest dreams. 

Ready? GO!!