Updated November 26, 2013:  

EVs at the Utah Capitol Building 

On 8/7/2013, Cheryl and I, drove our EVs (she in her Nissan Leaf and I in my Geo EV) to the Utah State Capitol building.  She along with a couple members of the Utah Legislature (Ed Redd and Patrice Arent), Jared Campbell and other clean-air advocates gave speeches on why we need to make clean air a priority.  Several local news outlets covered the event.  KSLFox13Deseret News and KCPW radio.  

Three EVs driving by the Utah State Capitol building. 

Cheryl speaking at the Utah State Capitol

My Geo EV and Cheryl's Leaf at the Utah State Capitol

John Loveless showing Rep Ed Redd the motor/controller in the Leaf

John Loveless, Jared Campbell, Ed Redd and Patrice Arent looking under the hood of a Nissan Leaf.