Published December 22, 2014:  Updated December 30, 2014

Toilet Paper or Bidet Toilet Seat?

In conjunction with a 1 year supply of food in our home, having a 1 years supply of toiletries is also essential to maintain the creature comforts during a time of supply chain failure. 

Toilet paper is extremely useful for taking care of business. But it is expensive and a very wasteful use of natural resources. Unlike nearly all other paper products that can be re-used and recycled, Toilet paper, (for good reason) is only used once and then flushed away. To maintain this creature comfort in an emergency you would have to keep a lot of this essential item on hand. 

Could you imagine being in an emergency where you don’t have any toilet paper? Or daily showers? 

Come to think of it, why are we only using dry paper to clean up the most filthy messes the human body can make? It's so primitive, unsanitary and really gross. It’s barbaric! There has to be a better way!

You could either stockpile 10,000 rolls of toilet paper or just use a bidet toilet seat. 

The Bidet Toilet Seat

Unlike a standard bidet, (which is essentially an up-side-down sink faucet), a bidet toilet seat contains, a small, gentle (but powerful) jet of water to aide in taking care of business. It leaves you feeling so clean, you will never want to go back to the plain old, dry-paper method again. 

Using only dry toilet paper for nature’s daily, dirty business, you pretty much have to bathe every day, lest you become a stinky nuisance to those around you. Also with clothing being in such close proximity to a smelly back-side, you pretty much have to wash your clothes after 1-2 days of use too.

But when using a bidet, this is no longer the case. The duration between needing to take a shower can be extended out by a day or more. Clothes won’t need to be washed nearly as often either. Of course if you work up a sweat, other parts of your body will dictate that you take a shower regardless.

Using a bidet will reduce your toilet paper consumption by 70% or more. It will also reduce water consumption by your not having to take showers as often. The amount of laundry that has to be done will also be reduced, which will save additional water and energy as well as extend the life of your clothes.

Bidet’s are also great for young children learning to potty train. Cleaning up after having an accident is easy. And what woman wouldn't benefit by using a bidet during her period?

Cost of a Bidet Toilet Seat

I found a very practical bidet toilet seat online.

It ties into the culinary water supply feeding the toilet. It took less than 20 minutes to install and works great. I hate using other restrooms now, simply because they don't have a bidet. 

There are also high-end models that come with more features, (like heated seat, water temperature controls and different spray patterns for men and women). These are increasingly popular in Asian countries. 
I first used a bidet toilet seat in a Hotel in Incheon, Korea. I don't read Korean so I just randomly started pushing buttons. This ended up being more than I bargained for. I had every feature you can imagine, including what I'm guessing was some sort of water stream guidance/system. 

Indirect Energy Savings from using a Bidet Toilet seat

  • Using a bidet toilet seat will keep your clothes cleaner for longer, saving you energy in reduced laundry and showers.
  • It will reduce your water consumption for the same reasons. 
  • You're clothes will also last longer through needing to be washed less often.
  • You will use less toilet paper so you won't have to buy as much. 
  • If you train your children to use it, they too will use less toilet paper. FINALLY!
    Just make sure they understand, the law of the bidet: 
    With great squirting power comes great responsibility. 

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