John Saves Energy will be offering its own line of how-to Audio Books. 

How to Cut your Energy Bills In Half Audio Training CDs 
Coming Soon
How to Cut your Energy Bills In Half without anyone at home noticing that anything changed. Conduct your own complete energy audit and make improvements to the efficiency of your home.
Comparable products value at $750.00 to $1500.00
Regularly $79 (promotional special only $29)

Living A Net Positive Life
 Audio CD Coming Soon
Improve relationships, have more freedom, increase your health and find joy in life, all while reducing your energy bills.  
Regularly $29 (promotional special only $9)

Armagarden Audio CD Coming Soon
How to plan out your garden and grow foods you like to eat.
How to Grow >65% of the food you eat, literally in your own backyard using the time-efficient Mittlieder gardening method.
How to Preserve the food you grow.
Learn about tools that will make harvesting and preserving take far less time.
Learn how to grow nuts/seeds and make your own nut/seed butters and oils.
Learn how to grow fruits and berries and learn how to make your own juice and preserves. 
Regularly $29 (promotional special only $14)

My 80% Invincibility From Death Plan
 Audio CD Coming Soon
Avoiding illness and death through healthy diet, exercise and good mental health. 
Regularly $27 (promotional special only $9)

Life's A Funny Thing
 Audio CD Coming Soon
Finding Humor in Life. Men and Women are that they might have Joy
Regularly $29 (promotional special only $9)

The Most Powerful, Secret Weapon Audio CD Coming Soon
The secret weapon that will disarm conflict, anger, hatred and despondency is a smile. 
Regularly $29 (promotional special only $9)