Last updated Sunday July 22, 2012

Aerodynamic Cover

Friction is ultimate energy waster and contributor of finite range.  

I wanted to make an aerodynamic bed cover but did not want it to create a blind spot or be unsafe.  

I arrived at an idea of splitting it up and making a wedge shaped battery cover and above my back window a ramp to direct the down instead of creating an eddy current in the truck bed.  

I had some extra triangle shaped plastic left over so I slapped it on the back, making some really cool tail fins.  My kids now call the truck the "White Rocket".  

More than a dozen times have people recommended to me that I need to paint the truck black so it looks more like a Bat-Mobile. 

 Here is a picture of the new bed cover that I made out of PVC pipe and a sheet of shower shell plastic.  

It's also on a hinge so I can still access the batteries for their quarterly watering.  

Unashamed, I put some web advertising on it too.  

The 125mpg sticker is sort of a lie.  It is really closer to 132mpg.  

Recently, a longer top-off charge has been necessary to keep the batteries in shape so 125mpg is still pretty accurate.  

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